GIZ GmbH program for Modernisation and Innovation Promotion in MSMEs in India

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises; Government of India & Deutsche Gessellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) are implementing a bilateral cooperation project “Programme for Modernisation and Innovation Promotion in MSMEs in India (MSME INNO)”. This project aims to improve the local innovation ecosystem through fostering cooperation between different stakeholders and strengthening the innovation management capacity and sustainability of MSMEs in India. The project seek s to strengthen the innovation system by systematically fostering cooperation between companies, research institutions, government, service providers and larger enterprises for introduction and dissemination of new technologies, products, processes and/or business model innovation.

The project interventions are geared towards enabling MSMEs to have improved access to research and other related institutions. The project focuses on developing the capacities of MSMEs employees in order to establish innovation skills, leading to enhanced innovation capacity.

To upscale the impact of interventions, the project works with intermediary organizations such as Business Membership Organisations (BMOs), Academia, Incubators, R&D Institutes etc. and undertakes several measures (Training, exposure, networking and exchange programme etc.) to enhance their capacities so that they offer better services that foster innovation.

MSME INNO is working with selected Business Membership Organisations to act as an innovation enabler so that they develop systematic collaborations and linkages with technical research institutes, large industries, supply chain partners, public institutions and other relevant stakeholders to offer different innovation assistance services to their member MSMEs.

In Punjab, MSME INNO Project is being implemented and project interventions are being undertaken in selected clusters namely Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Phagwara and Mohali.

MSME INNO is working with MOHALI INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION to promote services on a regular basis to SMEs for enhancing their information, knowledge and linkages with relevant stakeholders and to develop a responsive and transformed services delivery approach against COVID 19 pandemic.

The MSME INNO Project Technical Expert for the State of Punjab & Himachal Pradesh is Mr.Gaurav Sharma. GIZ is implementing Programme for Modernization and Innovation in MSMEs in India under which they are building the capacities of BMOs/ associations to provide innovation-related services to their members. Mr.Gaurav Sharma can be reached at (M) +91 9811910577, E: and the web address is

To operationalize and ensure the functioning of Innovation Facilitation Centre (IFC) in Business Membership Organization representing MSMEs of Mohali Industries Association, Shri Yogesh Sagar, President and Shri Anurag Aggarwal, Former President and Executive Member will operationalize the Innovation Facilitation Cell within the BMO.


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